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Study says Fukushima disaster was preventable

The worst nuclear disaster since the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown never should have happened, according to a new study. In the peer-reviewed Philosophical Transactions A of the Royal Society, researchers Costas Synolakis of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and Utku … Continue reading

Tsunami researchers watch for waves from Chile quake


A 8.3-magnitude earthquake that struck near the coast of central Chile has reportedly led to the deaths of at least eight people and triggered a Pacific-wide tsunami that could reach distant shorelines — but specialists expect little damage. The tsunami … Continue reading


On 16 September 2015, at 22:54:33 (UTC) (local time : UTC-3) a magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck the Chilean coast, about 46km west of Illapel. Preliminary information can be found from USGS. The earthquake triggered a transpacific tsunami which was observed in … Continue reading

Outcry over Greek plan to borrow cash from universities


A decree passed by Greece’s parliament that forces universities and research centres to lend their cash reserves to the government is causing confusion and protest in academia. Tensions are also rising over a government reform bill that would reverse some … Continue reading

Offshore islands amplify, rather than dissipate, a tsunami’s power


Study inspired by 2010 tsunami yields findings that fly in the face of generations of common wisdom A long-held belief that offshore islands protect the mainland from tsunamis turns out to be the exact opposite of the truth, according to … Continue reading

Breaking the rules for how tsunamis work

Multinational research team finds that sea floor earthquake zones can act like a ‘magnifying lens,’ focusing and strengthening tsunamis beyond what was through possible. The earthquake zones off of certain coasts–like those of Japan and Java–make them especially vulnerable to … Continue reading

Ndendo Island

On 6 February 2013 at 01:12:27 UTC (local time: UTC+11), a magnitude Mw 8.0 earthquake struck 70 km to the west of Ndendo Island (Santa Cruz Island) in the Solomon Islands. This under-thrusting earthquake triggered a local tsunami in the … Continue reading

After the Quake

CostasSynolakis After the Quake WSJ

Report: Tsunami detection improves, but coastal areas still vulnerable

The nation’s ability to detect and forecast tsunamis has improved since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but current efforts are still not sufficient to meet challenges posed by tsunamis generated near land that leave little time for warning, says a … Continue reading

Community education and evacuation planning saved lives in Sept. 29 Samoan tsunami

Community-based education and awareness programs minimized the death toll from the recent Samoan tsunami, though there are still ways to improve the warning and evacuation process, according to a team of researchers that traveled to Samoa last month.