1. After the Quake

    CostasSynolakis After the Quake WSJ

  2. When Will We Learn?

    When Will We Learn?

  3. Reassessing the tsunami risk in major ports and harbors of California I: San Diego

    Reassessing the tsunami risk in major ports and harbors of California I: San Diego

  4. Field Survey of the Samoa Tsunami of 29 September 2009

    Field Survey of the Samoa Tsunami of 29 September 2009

  5. Tsunami Catalogs for the Eastern Mediterranean, Revisited

    Tsunami Catalogs for the Eastern Mediterranean, Revisited

  6. Probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment at Seaside, Oregon, for near- and far-field seismic sources

    Probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment at Seaside, Oregon, for near- and far-field seismic sources

  7. Choking on carbon emissions from Greek academic paperwork

    Choking on carbon emissions from Greek academic paperwork

  8. New Maps of California to Improve Tsunami Preparedness

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  9. Tsunami Modeling: Development of Benchmarked Models

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  10. The Vulnerability of Crescent City, California, to Tsunamis Generated by Earthquakes in the Kuril Islands Region of the Northwestern Pacific

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  11. Benchmark Models

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  12. Evaluating Tsunami Hazard in the Northwestern Indian Ocean

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  13. Validation and Verification of Tsunami Numerical Models

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  14. The 15 August 2007 Peru tsunami runup observations and modeling

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  15. The 1956 earthquake and tsunami in Amorgos, Greece

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  16. Tsunami inundation modeling for western Sumatra

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  17. Extreme runup from the 17 July 2006 Java tsunami

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  18. Standards, Criteria, and Procedures for NOAA Evaluation of Tsunami Numerical Models

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  19. Far-field tsunami hazard from mega-thrust earthquakes in the Indian Ocean

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  20. Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction around Marine Structures

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  21. Initial Value Problem Solution of Nonlinear ShallowWater-Wave Equations

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  22. Tsunami science before and beyond Boxing Day 2004

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  23. Tsunami: scientific frontiers, mitigation, forecasting and policy implications

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  24. Numerical Modeling of Tsunami Effects at Marine Oil Terminals in San Francisco Bay

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  25. Runup Measurements of the December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

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  26. Sri Lanka Field Survey after the December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

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  27. Northern Sumatra Field Survey after the December 2004 Great Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami

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  28. Evaluation of Tsunami Risk from Regional Earthquakes at Pisco, Peru

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  29. A Hydrodynamics Perspective for the 2004 Megatsunami

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  30. Modeling Far-Field Tsunamis for California Ports and Harbors

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  31. Inundation During the 26 December 2004 Tsunami

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  32. Tsunami: WAVE of CHANGE (Greek)

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  33. Tsunami: WAVE of CHANGE

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  34. The Megatsunami of December 26, 2004

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  35. Observations by the International Tsunami Survey Team in Sri Lanka

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  36. Runup and rundown generated by three-dimensional sliding masses

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  37. 1992-2002: Perspective on a Decade of Post-Tsunami Surveys

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  38. Model Shows Islands Muted Tsunami After Latest Indonesian Quake

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  39. Could It Happen Here?

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  40. Runup and rundown generated by three-dimensional sliding masses

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  41. Tsunami Hazards Associated with the Catalina Fault in Southern California

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  42. Tsunami sources in the southern California bight

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  43. Source discriminants for near-field tsunamis

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  44. Producing tsunami inundation maps: The California experience

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  45. The Earthquake Engineering Handbook

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  46. Field Survey and Numerical Simulations: A Review of the 1998 Papua New Guinea Tsunami

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  47. Landslide Tsunamis: Recent Findings and Research Directions

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  48. A Theoretical Comparison of Tsunamis from Dislocations and Landslides

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  49. Analytical solutions for forced long waves on a sloping beach

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  50. The earthquake and tsunami of 1865 November 17: evidence for far-field tsunami hazard from Tonga

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  51. The Regional Economic Cost of a Tsunami Wave Generated by the Palos Verdes Slide

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  52. The slump origin of the 1998 Papua New Guinea Tsunami

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  53. Near-Field Survey of the 1946 Aleutian Tsunami on Unimak and Sanak Islands

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  54. Tsunami: The Underrated Hazard

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  55. Field surveys and modeling of the 1999 Izmit tsunami

    Field surveys and modeling of the 1999 Izmit tsunami [pdf]

  56. Inundation maps for the State of California

    Inundation maps for the State of California [pdf]

  57. Tsunami Waves in Izmit Bay

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  58. Tsunamis Within the Eastern Santa Barbara Channel

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  59. Tsunami in Papua New Guinea was as Intense as First Thought

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  60. Waves of Death

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  61. Numerical Modeling of Tidal Wave Runup

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  62. Long wave runup on piecewise linear topographies

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  63. Tsunamigenic Sea-Floor Deformations

    [scribd id=40604168 key=key-rhg2s4kh67x85gbxai1 mode=list]

  64. Extreme inundation flows during the Hokkaido-Nansei-Oki tsunami

    [scribd id=40604161 key=key-2d45wgg1ujgez7117hh2 mode=list]

  65. Field Survey of Mexican Tsunami Produces New Data, Unusual Photos

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  66. Model for the Leading Waves of Tsunamis

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  67. Field Survey of the 1994 Mindoro Island, Philippines Tsunami

    [scribd id=40604114 key=key-3v59e8z84v2p2nh9ecu mode=list]

  68. Modeling of Breaking and Nonbreaking Long-Wave Evolution and Runup Using VTCS-2

    [scribd id=40604121 key=key-2iao5mkyi1mjj4vt8lt1 mode=list]

  69. Field Survey ,of the East Java Earthquake and Tsunami of June 3, 1994

    [scribd id=40604125 key=key-1p0ce7kkwb43k2wgc9xk mode=list]

  70. Field Survey of the 1994 Mindoro Island, Philippines Tsunami

    [scribd id=40604130 key=key-bewyz5hg3ngbkaluc7y mode=list]

  71. Calculation of 3D internal displacement fields from 3D X-ray computer tomographic images

    [scribd id=40604140 key=key-fgc01s0jgxo15t2643l mode=list]

  72. Tsunami Prediction

    [scribd id=40604145 key=key-cl48uojmouyobylj9tk mode=list]

  73. Long Wave Runup Models

    [scribd id=40604164 key=key-scfr5xe897zxnujx2qs mode=list]

  74. Damage, Conditions of East Java Tsunami of 1994 Analyzed

    [scribd id=40604119 key=key-1lfmbqbiq2gcu3cdc03r mode=list]

  75. Propagation and amplification of tsunamis at coastal boundaries

    [scribd id=40604110 key=key-1kje4k0mv7j0872spe84 mode=list]

  76. The Runup of Dipole Waves

    [scribd id=40604067 key=key-x28uvytj7ex88khrj23 mode=list]

  77. The Run-Up of N-Waves on Sloping Beaches

    [scribd id=40604109 key=key-1jochccrd7g7cj10mbow mode=list]

  78. Roots of Jy(z) ± iJy+{(z) = 0 and the evaluation of integrals with cylindrical function kernels

    [scribd id=40604112 key=key-29ui4k2r6zi4nu6vj6nu mode=list]

  79. Development of an Asphalt Core Tomographer

    [scribd id=40604104 key=key-95tgzd7b7l4vrsn7y0u mode=list]

  80. Evolution of Maximum Amplitude of Solitary Waves of Plane Beaches

    [scribd id=40604065 key=key-1cf101d6yowvffb5f3ar mode=list]

  81. Report on the International Workshop on Long-Wave Run-up

    [scribd id=40604051 key=key-ikgqbz50i1s0qh1pnpr mode=list]

  82. Green’s law and the evolution of solitary waves

    [scribd id=40604063 key=key-1ez4vdl04a6w54m04z4p mode=list]

  83. Tsunami Runup on Steep Slopes: How Good Linear Theory Really Is

    [scribd id=40604061 key=key-1fwq347m805uj040govt mode=list]

  84. Generation of Long Waves in Laboratory

    [scribd id=40604052 key=key-1b3hxm6kie0dn3w0qwxh mode=list]

  85. The Bernoulli-Poiseuille Equation

    [scribd id=40604050 key=key-jxsiwbu0s1x5dj2m5jf mode=list]

  86. On combining the Bernoulli and Poiseuille equation-A plea to authors of college physics texts

    [scribd id=40604042 key=key-1fr883jr34qsskpz6yx mode=list]

  87. On the roots of f(z) = J0(z) – iJ1(z)

    [scribd id=40604041 key=key-1xbpabz08zswmr16d1sy mode=list]

  88. Wave Reflection and Run-Up on Rough Slopes

    [scribd id=40604039 key=key-1gl7jji9a2aaabusznqg mode=list]

  89. The anomalous behavior of the runup of cnoidal waves

    [scribd id=40604040 key=key-1mpe7r3suxnx23f975lr mode=list]

  90. The runup of solitary waves

    [scribd id=40604038 key=key-1jc7kfazhx3jtxzey6wo mode=list]

  91. The runup of long waves

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